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Fujairah Attractions

Fujairah Attractions

Tourism is of great importance to Fujairah as the Emirate is renowned for its scenic beauty and other qualities which make it a tourist attraction for those seeking entertainment and tranquility. Tourists are attracted by diverse entertainment activities. Some prefer to swim in the warm waters as Fujairah beaches extend for 90 kms along the Gulf, while others choose to visit ancient archaeological sites which tell the history and glories of the ancestors.

Fujairah is also renowned for its high mountains of multiple colours and deep valleys where water courses flow throughout the year which represent yet another attraction for tourists. There are marine reserves where a variety of beautiful and rare sea creatures live amongst a jungle of coral reefs - another attraction for tourists interested in the diving sport.

Tourists are also attracted by the mineral and healing waters such as those to be found at the Madhab and Gamour springs. The waters of these springs are claimed by natives to heal from rheumatism and some skin diseases. The Wareea's water falls are is one of the most beautiful mountainous spots in Fujairah.

The attractions of Fujairah are not merely the rugged mountains, the mild weather or the unspoiled beaches, but tourists interested in relics may also leisurely have a stroll in area dating thousands of years before Christ. The ruins of old fortresses and mosques at Fujairah, Bithna and Bidiya areas provide enormous clues to the spectacular history of the region.

On a directive by H.H. the Ruler of the Fujairah, the Tourist Bureau was set up to act as a focal point to look after tourist affairs and promote Fujairah as a tourist destination.

Fujairah has three natural marine reserves for sea creatures set up by a decree issued by H.H. the Ruler in mid-1995. The reserves are located at Faqeet, Dhinada and Aqa. The project represents the most important step taken by the UAE to protect marine environment. Apart from that the reserves are also a tourist attraction for amateur and professional divers who see a variety of fish and rare sea creatures underwater.

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