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Ajman Economy and Investment

Practicing Business by GCC Citizens & Foreign Firms
Classification of industrial activities in Ajman is subject to the type of industrial sectors in the Emirate and items produced by them. It is also based on the Uniform Standard International Classification System of Economic Activities as well as the Business Activities Guide and Data prepared by the Directorate of Industry at the Ministry of Finance and Industry. Hence it is necessity for those wishing to set up manufacturing units in Ajman to define accurately the activity to be practiced in the light of this classification before starting licensing procedure. Listed below is description of branches grouped under the nine major industrial sectors:

Food, Beverage & Tobbaco Industries

Wood & Wooden Products:
Include meat production, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits processing and canning, production of milk and milk products, grinding of grains, ,preparation of cereals and feed, bakery and patisserie products industry, mineral water bottling and other food industries.

Manufacture of cigarettes, processed tobacco and other tobacco products.
Textiles, Readymade Garments and Leather Industries


Includes weaving, dyeing and preparing, thread and textile dyeing, manufacture of products made of textiles:
towels, gloves, bed sheets, pillow covers etc.

Ready Made Garments:

Manufacture of outwear and underwear for men, women and children, coats, sportswear, head covers, abbaya, dishdasha and ghutar.

Skins, Hides & Leather Products:
Includes hides tanning and processing, manufacture of leather products such as bags, shoes, sandals etc.
Wood, Wooden Products & Furniture Industry
Wood and Wooden Products:
Includes cutting and sawing of wood, manufacture of boards and carpentry works for production of wooden doors, windows, caravans and other wooden products.


Includes manufacture of home and office furniture, sponge mattresses and pillows.
Paper, Paper Products, Printing & Publishing Industry

Paper andPaper Products:
Includes manufacture of paper, paper utensils tissues, napkins, stationery products such as exercise books, diaries, envelopes, files, other paper products: visiting and greeting cards, stickers, labels, fax rolls and photocopying paper, cardboard and packaging material.

Printing and Publishing:

Includes printing and publishing services of books, leaflets, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, printing of commercial publications, in addition to other printing services.

Chemicals, Petroleum Products & Plastic Industry

Chemicals & Chemical Products:
Includes manufacture of basic industrial chemicals, synthetic resins, raw plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers, manufacture of pesticides, agricultural chemicals, paints, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, insulation material and asphalt.

Petroleum Products:
Includes fuels manufacture, natural gas liquefaction lubricants manufacture and canning and manufacture of industrial medical gases.

Rubber and Plastic Industry:
Includes manufacture of various types of rubber and plastic products such as plates, pipes, bags, bottles, containers etc.

Non-metal Mineral Products Industry
Includes manufacture of bricks, ceramics and ceramic tiles, sanitary ware manufacture of fiberglass, cement and cement products, gypsum and gypsum products, rock and stone cutting, marble and granite cutting,

shaping and polishing.Basic Metal Industries
Includes iron, steel and aluminum smelting and extruding, manufacture of steel bars, iron and steel casting, manufacture of metallic nails, wires etc.
Metal Products, Machinery & Equipment Industries

Metal Products:

Includes manufacturer of metallic construction products, tanks, metal fabrication by extrusion and rolling, manufacture of metallic tools, hardware other metal fabrications such as wires, ropes, iron safes, scaffolds, steel structures, radiators, auto exhausts, lathe works.

Machinery & Equipment:

Includes manufacture of pumps, valves, caps, industrial machinery and equipment, electrical household appliances such as ovens, heaters, air conditioners, fans, ventilator5, boilers, lighting appliances, washing machines etc.

Vehicles and Trailers:

Manufacture of vehicle and trailer bodies and parts, ships and boat building and repairing and drydock Operations.

Other Manufacturing Industries
Manufacture of gold, jewellery and precious metals, toys, organic fertilizers, wheel covers, tyre retreading assembly of watches, manufacture of henna, handicrafts, pencils and other industrial products not classified elsewhere.

Generally, any industrial activity which Involves transformation of new materials into final products or semi-manufactured products or transformation of semi-manufactured products into final products is regarded as a manufacturing industry. This includes mixing, assembling, shaping, canning or packing of products. It is a manufacturing industry and not repairing any industrial activity which leads to essential transformation, reconditioning or reshaping of any kind of products.

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