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Alphabetical Listing of United Arab Emirates Travel Tips

Ajman Culture and Lifestyle

The timeless values of Islam lie at the Heart of UAE's living heritage, providing a strength and inspiration that touches all aspects of everyday life.

Traditional Clothing
The Arab national dress worn in Dubai and throughout the Gulf is Adapted to the high temperatures and religious beliefs of the region.
Men wear and ankle-length, loose-fitting garment known as a Kandoura or Dishdasha which is usually made of white cotton, although some darker, heavier material may be seen in winter.
A white crocheted skull-cap, the gahfia or tagia, is covered by the gutra, which is a long white cotton cloth or sometimes red and white woolen material in winter. The gutra is kept in place by the igal, a double black woolen braid worn around the crown of the head.
Women usually wear a long-sleeved, full-length dress, which is also called a kandoura and is often elaborately embroidered in gold, silver or colored thread. The thoab is worn over trousers, sirwal and covered entirely by a black abbaya. The hair is covered and the face may also be covered by a gishwa, a thin veil.

Courtesy and hospitality are among the most highly prized virtues of the Arab World and the visitor is sure to be charmed by the genuine warmth and friendliness of the peoples.

Family life
The family is the most important institution in Arab society, encompassing grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and more distant relatives as well as the immediate family unit. Relationships within these extended families are strong and respect is accorded to the elder members.

Ramadan is the Holy Month in which Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Koran. Its timing is not fixed in terms of the Gregorian calendar, but advances 11 days every year. Ramadan is a month of fasting when, from dawn until dusk, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and smoking. As a sign of respect, visitors are also required to refrain from consuming these items in public during daylight hours.

Religious Festivals
Eid Al Fitr is a feast which marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated from three days. The celebrations start after prayers in the morning, and gifts are exchanged.
Eid Al Adha is a festival of sacrifices and marks the end of Haj (the pilgrimage that all Muslims should make to Mecca at least once in their lives). It lasts four days.

Traditional Sport
The sport of falconry is among the many traditional pastimes which are still practiced in Dubai. It is a unique partnership between man and bird and it is not unusual to see a hooded falcon being trained on its owner's gloved wrist.
The Ancient sport of camel racing also attracts a sizeable following-and substantial purses for champions.

Life Style
Expatriates and foreign visitors-both male and female-can enjoy a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle in UAE. There is virtually no crime, the city is clean, there are few traffic jams, apartments and villas are modern, spacious and surprisingly to many, the climate is not only tolerable but also extremely pleasant for most of the year.
There are many clubs and societies in UAE. Freedom of worship is allowed to all religions, and Christian churches have existed in Dubai from many years. Foreign newspapers, magazines, films and videos are readily available. Alcohol may be consumed at home, in hotels and on licensed club premises. Women can drive and move about unaccompanied.

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